17 Projects for Your Home and Land
Inspiration for gardening, yard work, cooking and more as you’re staying close to home
While many of us are spending more time close to home these days, we know that life out here doesn’t stop moving. We have land to tend to, animals to care for, and mouths to feed. And we know that now more than ever, it’s important we continue to share with you, our Neighbors, inspiration, ideas, and advice for making the most of life out here.

From tackling new projects to bonding with pets to trying out new and delicious recipes, we hope these ideas inspire you for this season and beyond.

Tackle A Dream Project on Your Land
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Root Cellar
Build a Root Cellar
Naturally preserve homegrown produce with a root cellar. They’re fairly easy to build in your basement, in your backyard shed, or under your porch. Learn how to build two types of root cellars.
Create Your Very Own She Shed
Everyone could use a spot to relax, practice hobbies, read, or even just nap. Here’s some inspiration for building and decorating a cozy she shed.
Dive into Smart Backyard Projects
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Start Composting at Home
Getting started is simple, as long as you have a plan and enough space. Try out these expert tips for turning your kitchen and yard waste into soil superfood.
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Plant Trees Along Your Fence Line
Perhaps you’ve thought about planting trees along your property line for natural beauty and privacy. Here’s how to get started.
Get Busy Growing
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Organize Your Gardening Endeavors
From planning your garden to choosing flowers to keeping track of regular watering and mulching, staying organized is key to successful growing and ensuring you enjoy the time you spend in your garden.
Grow Mircrogreens Indoors
Microgreens are delicious and healthy, and growing them is a great indoor activity for the whole family. Follow the steps in this infographic.
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Build an Outdoor Raised Bed Garden
Grow a variety of seasonal produce in a small space with a raised bed garden. Here is how to get started.
Plant and Grow Beautiful Roses
No one can deny the lovely sight or smell of healthy, fresh roses. Learn everything you’ll need to grow these flowers at home.
Cook Up New Recipes
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Homemade Bread
Make Homemade Bread
Learn how to make whole wheat bread, green tomato quick bread, and sweet pumpkin cheese bread.
Spinach Salad
Build a Delicious Spinach Salad
This salad features tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, eggs, and a homemade vinaigrette.
Grilling and Smoking
Master Grilling and Smoking
Learn the ins and outs of perfectly cooked meats and seafood on the grill and in the smoker.
Bond with Your Animals
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Dog Obedience Training
Whether you’ve got a new pup or you’ve been with your furry companion for years, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on good manners.
Chicken Coop
Build a Chicken Coop
There are hen houses, chicken coops, and chicken tractors, but what works best for you? Building a new home for your chickens can be a rewarding experience.
Take on a New Hobby
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Wooden Spoon
How to Carve a Wooden Spoon
Carving and whittling are a great way to challenge ourselves to slow down, take our time, and focus on an all-consuming task. Try making a wooden spoon for cooking.
Goat’s Milk
Get Creative with Goat’s Milk
If you have goats on your land, you know their milk is tasty, healthy, and easy to pasteurize at home. You can also use it in other creative ways, such as making goat cheese, or even upgrading your skincare routine.
Take Care of Your Tools
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How to Sharpen a Chainsaw
Keep your chainsaw in top shape. Learn the correct and safe way to sharpen chainsaw cutters.
Lawn Mower Engine
Replace Your Lawn Mower Engine
Perhaps this is something you’ve put off doing for a while. Now’s as good of a time as ever to do it safely and effectively.

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